Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Chicks at Room 6

I think we should always have chicks at St Patrick's because we love having them here. Today is so sad because all of the chicks left but we got a certificate for taking good care of the chicks.

I still remember that there were eleven eggs when Jo brought them to the classroom and when they hatched there were little chicks jumping around. 

We got to feel them and they liked to  sleep a lot. Sometimes we made lots of noise and they woke up. We all had a great time with them because we got to share them with everyone at school.

It was very sad today because Jo took the chicks back to their farm and that was the last day we saw them. I wish that they could stay for 10 weeks but at least they were in our room and that means that we were the closest to them and that is the story about the little chicks.

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